Federal Programs

Federal Skilled Worker Class (FWC)

PRIORITY LIST (temporary on hold) or with AEO

Government of Canada from time to time issues a priority list to ensure the flow of skilled workers. The selection of skilled workers is based on a combination of six selection factors:

Age, Education, Work experience, Proficiency in Official languages (English/ French), Arranged Employment (AEO) and Adaptability.

Based on the individual’s situation, points are awarded for each of these factors, as per the points system in use at that time. An applicant with a total scores more than the “Pass mark” applicable at that time is eligible to apply under the category based on the needs and requirements of the country’s economy.

Following is the list of occupations (subject to change) currently eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Class:

0631 Restaurant and Food Service Managers

0811 Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture)

1122 Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management

1233 Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners

2121 Biologists and Related Scientists

2151 Architects

3111 Specialist Physicians

3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians

3113 Dentists

3131 Pharmacists

3142 Physiotherapists

3152 Registered Nurses

3215 Medical Radiation Technologists

3222 Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists

3233 Licensed Practical Nurses

4151 Psychologists

4152 Social Workers

6241 Chefs

6242 Cooks

7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades

7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades

7241 Electricians (Except Industrial & Power System)

7242 Industrial Electricians

7251 Plumbers

7265 Welders & Related Machine Operators

7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

7371 Crane Operators

7372 Drillers & Blasters - Surface Mining, Quarrying & Construction

8222 Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service

Note: There are sub categories under each occupation and so even though you may not qualify under the main heading, we will analyze your resume and duties to find out if you can be classified in any of the eligible occupations.

You must also meet the following minimum requirements to qualify as a skilled worker:

  • Have at least one year of continuous full-time paid work experience or the equivalent in part-time continuous employment, AND your work experience must be Skill Type 0 (managerial occupations) or Skill Level
  • A (professional occupations) or B (technical occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) list, AND You must have had this experience within the last 10 years.

You may also have to show enough money to support yourself and your dependants after you arrive in Canada. Individuals with arranged employment (AEO) do not have to meet this requirement at present.


Arranged Employment Opinion is an approved job offer from a Canadian employer (also known as AEO). When you obtain a positive Arranged Employment Opinion from Service Canada, you will be qualified to apply for permanent residence. The initial step to obtain an Arranged Employment Opinion is to search for a Canadian company that wants to hire you. If you already have an employer who is willing to hire you, we can work with the employer to obtain the necessary validation from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

The employer must meet certain criteria, which are as follows:

  • The employer must have been in business for at least one year.
  • The employer must have had at least one employee in the past year.
  • The employer must have paid this employee a salary, and must have submitted source deductions (EI, CPP, and federal income tax) to the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA).

The employer must be hiring for a position which is:

  •  permanent
  • - skilled (usually requiring at least two years of post-secondary education or training)
  • - compensated at a rate which would be sufficient to attract and retain a Canadian applicant

Once we have the necessary validation from HRDC, we can proceed with your application for immigration and you will get extra points and the application will be processed on a priority basis. Applicant who are applying with an arranged employment (AEO) are not required to qualify under the Priority list but will still need to obtain the minimum pass mark of 67.  If you are interested in immigrating to Quebec under the Skilled Workers program, please contact us as different regulations apply to the province of Quebec.


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Temporary Foreign Workers and International Graduates who meet the eligibility criteria may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence of Canada while staying in Canada. In order to qualify under this category an applicant might be required to meet the Language proficiency, minimum in- Canada work Experience as applicable.

Temporary Foreign Workers as defined by the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) in Canada who wishes to apply under this program for permanent residency must:

  • Have worked full-time (or equivalent) for at least 2 years in Canada as a skilled worker
  • Be able to effectively communicate in either English or French
  • Plan to live outside the province of Quebec
  • Be applying for this immigration program while currently working in Canada or within 1 year of leaving your Canadian job
  • Have obtained your experience with the proper work authorization

For the purpose of applying under this immigration program, ‘skilled work experience’only refers to the following categories as defined by the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC):

  • Skill Type O: Managerial Occupations
  • Skill Level A: Professional Occupations
  • Skill Level B: Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades

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In order to apply for permanent residency as an International Graduate, you must:

  • Have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution. You must have studied in a program of study or training with a full-time duration of at least 16 months (i.e. two academic years of at least 8 months excluding scheduled breaks, such as summer holidays, in the calculation)
  • Have worked full-time (or equivalent) for at least 1 year in Canada as a skilled worker
  • Be able to communicate effectively in either English or French
  • Be applying for the Canadian Experience Class while currently working in Canada or within 1 year of leaving your Canadian job
  • Have obtained your experience with the proper work and study authorization

Note: Work Experience gained during while completing education may not be counted towards experience requirements.

Set Up Your Own Business in Canada!

Every year Canada attracts thousands of experienced business people with investment capital, business acumen and management skills who can contribute to the economic development and create new jobs to strengthen the Canadian economy. Individuals with knowledge of business practices are always welcome in order to boost international trade opportunities with Canada. If you are a successful business person seeking new opportunities and challenges and intend to set your own business in Canada, the Federal Business Class immigration programs are designed to encourage and facilitate your move. Both the Federal and Provincial/territorial governments welcome business immigrants and offer services to help immigrants start a business and settle in Canada.

You can apply as federal business immigrant in any of three classes.

  1. Investor: The applicant must have a minimum net worth of at least CD $1.6 million supplemented by proven business and/or management experience and a desire to make a passive investment of CD$ 800,000 in Canada. If the investor wishes to settle in Quebec with a Quebec Selection Certificate, the same amount is invested with the Government of Quebec but the conditions for Quebec may vary slightly with the Federal Investor Class.
  2. Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneur category seeks to attract experienced persons who will own and actively manage businesses in Canada. The applicant must have managed and controlled percentage equity in a qualifying business. He/she must also have a legally obtained a minimum net worth of CD $300,000 and will be subject to conditions upon arrival in Canada.
  3. Self-employed:The applicant must have relevant experience in farm management, cultural activities or athletics. Actors, consultants, and operators of small business outlets also fall under this category. The applicant is expected to create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada, or to contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada.

Each business class application can be made for only one class and cannot be changed once the application is submitted. The criteria you must meet to qualify are different for each class. Besides the Federal Business Investment Programs specified above, you can also immigrate through investment in Provincial Programs which may help you immigrate faster. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in any of these programs or fill out our Free Online Assessment form.