Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

All provinces in Canada have the right to select individuals who have the ability to become economically established in the province and become permanent residents of Canada. The provinces select the individuals on the basis of their education, work experience and language proficiency etc. Each province manages its inflow according to its skill needs and requirements.

Once you received a nomination from a province or territory, your criminal record and medical suitability is checked and you will be then eligible to get permanent residence status on a fast-track basis. As a provincial nominee, you receive faster processing of your permanent resident application compared to other categories. Provincial nominees are not assessed on the six selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker program but must fulfil other eligibility requirements.

Provincial Nomination Categories:

1. Employer Driven

    Strategic Occupation: Under this category you will be required to obtain a permanent offer of employment (AEO) with an           employer in the province of your choice.

    Semi Skilled Workers: Some provinces such as Alberta and BC offer nomination to people under Semi skilled category such a long haul truck drivers, food counter attendants, guest services attendant, hotel front desk attendants etc. Requirements and eligibility for each province and occupation may vary.

    International Students can apply for Provincial nomination under Employer Driven category as well.

2. Family Sponsorships

Certain provinces such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island have individual family sponsorship programs to reunite families. If you have a close relative who lives in any of these provinces, they may be able to sponsor you and your family members under this program if they meet the province’s eligibility criteria.

3. Business Investment

Under this category you may make an investment in an eligible business in a province of your choice to receive nomination and thus become eligible for Fast Track Permanent Residence. The investment requirements and eligible businesses may vary in each province.